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Accra Airbnb Short-let Rental Real Estate Market X Living Ghana | Sound Of Accra Podcast | S3 Ep.15

Posted by Frank Mensah on June 12, 2022

Living Ghana is a play on words on “Live in Ghana”. Co-founders Frank and Ivan set this Property agency up a few years ago accidentally after spotting a gap in the market. What started off a side hustle for Ivan and Frank, turned into a full-time hustle!

Living Ghana’s USP is to not force people or apply pressure, as well as their transparency and their ability to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Living Ghana provide a full-circle short-lets /medium-term / long lets rental accommodation services for Ghanaian and African Diaspora, Expats, Business people and Tourists, across Accra in Ghana.

 In this episode, we discuss things like:

◾ How Living Ghana Started and How the name came about  Short-let Airbnb Rental Nightmares in Accra including double bookings!  Overview of the Accra short-let rental market

◾ The Perfect check-in/out Airbnb experience in Accra

◾ The best and worse areas in Accra

◾ Tips for renters in Accra

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